Monday, 19 April 2010

War Machine Spin-Off Movie

Don Cheadle War Machine MovieDon Cheadle, who's replacing Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2, must be really glad to take over the role of Jim Rhodes aka War machine, because this is a hell of an opportunity for him: according to Bob Layton, a co-writer of the Iron Man comic book (whose notable input was War Machine), Warner Bros is king of thinking about a spin-off War Machine movie! Here's what Bob Layton said to MTV:

"I think there are a variety of reasons to have the War Machine character in there. If they’re doing the ‘Avengers’ film, they always have the option of using War Machine instead of Iron Man depending upon what happens contractually. I’m just speculating, I have no idea… But there’s always the possibility that if it does well, it can spinoff. Because obviously there’s a different character and a different motivation with War Machine than there is with Tony Stark."
Comic Book Writer Bob Layton

A spin-off War machine movie would definitely make sense: after all War Machine did get his own comic book, plus a spin-off would fit in Marvel's plan of greenlighting movies based on their characters. And last but not least, there's a real fan base that would eagerly go watch a War Machine movie. So i'm quite confident that in a not too distant future we'll certainly hear bout this War machine movie.

War Machine MovieMoreover Don Cheadle, who's replacing Terrence Howard as Jim Rhodes aka War machine, is an actor with a lot of experience and a real charisma: so Don Cheadle's got what's needed for a lead role in a blockbuster.

But I guess it won't happen before the release of the Avengers movie , so still a few years before we can enjoy a War Machine spin-off movie.